Shakshuka with rosemary

Shakshuka with rosemay

This is a mediterranean tasty, healthy and really practical recipe. In some countries, people have it for breakfast (a brunch, actually), but it works for dinner too. Besides, it only takes a few minutes and some really simple ingredients.

– Four tomatoes
– One onion
– One or two garlic cloves
– Olive oil to braise
– Black pepper to taste
– Paprica (to taste)
– Salt (to taste)
– Rosemary (or basil. And coriander works as well)
– Four eggs

– Chop the onion, the garlic and the tomatoes
– Braise the garlic and the onions
– Add the tomatoes, the salt; the black pepper and the paprika
– Stir a little
– Let the tomatoes starts to melt away
– Open little holes in the tomatoes and put the eggs
– Let them cook and add the herb you prefer

If you want to have it as a breakfast, you can use bread, but if you rather have a shakshuka for dinner, as we did in here, backed potatoes with some salt and pepper will fit it perfectly!


Our dinner table