Flowers always brings a new life to your place and it is perfectly possible to have them in your own garden or even indoors


The red Roses in right next to the barn’s entrance

Interested on learning more about gardening, permaculture, environmentally safe lifestyle and even willing to improve their french skills, a group of volunteers came to Le Marronnier and are helping us with gardening and preparing everything to the season. That way the garden is going to took good when the summer comes.

If you want to have a nice flower garden, you can follow some really simple tips such as:
– Keep the plants moist before and after planting;
– Position them in a way that they will be able to receive at least 6 hours of sun a day;
– Once established, a weekly soaking will do lots of good for your roses. During summer, since the weather becomes dryer, you should do it more often;
– A well-drained soil will make your roses grow healthier. It must be fertile, loamy and two feets deep also;
– You can apply organic rose food twice in the spring, summer and autumn. And water as well;
– Prune the stablished plants in winter, removing the dead branches and approximately 60% in it’s height.

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